About Us

Meet the Faces Behind XGenTech

In 2023, Nicole and Eric embarked on a journey to establish a technological company that would bridge a growing gap prevalent in the tech industry – the lamentable state of customer service. Armed with over two decades of experience in running an IT company, we couldn’t help but notice the steep decline in the quality of customer care.

This observation became the driving force behind the inception of XGenTech. Our mission was clear: to redefine the standard of customer service, particularly for products and services that have historically been plagued by subpar support. We set our sights on two critical areas – business communication services and home and business security solutions.

As a husband and wife team, we deeply understand the significance of safeguarding your loved ones, as we have a family of our own. This personal connection fuels our commitment to ensuring that the protection and communication tools you rely on are accompanied by exceptional customer service. At XGenTech, our vision is simple – to make great customer service the norm once again.